Securely drop-off deliveries at a selected location instead of with managers or out in the open.

Increase efficiency, process deliveries in seconds and save time locating individual houses or apartments.



No more waiting on office hours or driving to the delivery center.

Successfully receive your packages at your home or office and stop worrying about them getting misplaced, damaged or stolen.



Gain back the time spent solving issues related to package management.

Stop managing multiple deliveries and pickups every day and avoid complaints about lost packages and pick-up hours.

Our e-Lockers can accept deliveries from all registered couriers including UPS, FedEx, USPS, Amazon, DHL and more.
We offer a variety of configurations and sizes that accommodate ~98% of all available standard sized boxes on the market.
Our refrigerated e-Lockers were built for perishable or sensitive items like groceries, medicine, and flowers. They are temperature-controlled and insulated.
Our proprietary system accepts signature-required package deliveries.



Existing Interior Space

We’ll help you find an ideal location for your new e-Lockers at your existing facility considering the layout, size and space requirements as well as the requirements from different couriers.

New Interior Construction

We’ll work with you to design an e-Locker system that perfectly fits the characteristics of your new space, while conforming to any requirements as well as the users’ accessibility.


Standard Outdoor System

Our outdoor e-Lockers are weather resistant and are fitted with awnings and LED lighting above the kiosk and pickup area.

Harsh Weather Outdoor System

These specialty e-Lockers are designed to withstand weather conditions as cold as -40° F and as hot as 140° F.

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