Multi-family Apartment Complexes and Condominiums

Residents appreciate being able to pick up deliveries in a secure and convenient way, right near their home. They simply enter an electronically-provided code into the kiosk, at any time or any day. Plus, they love knowing the instant their package arrives!

In addition to having a new revenue-generating channel, managers can offer a highly desirable amenity to existing and prospective tenants, and would no longer have to accept, store and retrieve deliveries or receive package-related complaints. Instead, they can dedicate that time and resources to their primary duties and responsibilities.

Office Buildings and Shared-Workspace Centers

Owners and managers can provide a reliable platform, structure, and location for packages to be delivered without having to dedicate personnel to managing packages.

Workers will enjoy the convenience of securely receiving business-related or personal packages at their office.  

Packages would be available for pick-up during times when the space housing the e-Lockers is accessible.


Residential Neighborhoods and Single-Family Homes

Too often packages are misplaced, or if left in the open, damaged by the weather, or stolen despite having mailboxes or mail rooms.

With our e-Lockers, residents of single-family neighborhoods have peace of mind knowing their packages are stored in a secure location, out of the weather, and close to their home.

Retail Shopping Centers

Our e-Lockers allow store‘s online orders to be grouped and stored conveniently and safely until customers arrive to collect the items purchased.

Shoppers would have the ability to pick-up their already packaged order by using a code provided post-payment.   


University Residential Centers

Students order goods online more than any other group and campus deliveries are at all-time highs and are expected to increase.

Our e-Lockers offer students the convenience of securely receiving packages at their residence hall, while also eliminating delivery management duties from Resident Assistants and campus personnel.

Remote Enclaves

Residents of housing developments or single residence locations often have difficulty receiving packages due to their remote location. An e-Locker system placed in a nearby area, accessible by couriers and residents, offers a solution for deliveries and pick-ups.

Local businesses may offer our e-Locker services, or residents may acquire an e-Locker system to be used exclusively by the residents of their development.


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