Souheil Sassi

Executive Vice President, Operations

Souheil SassiSouheil Sassi grew up on the shores of the Mediterranean in Tunisia where he graduated with honors with a Baccalauréat, a French system high school diploma. He then moved to Florida to attend the University of Florida.

Souheil graduated Cum Lade with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering and a Masters degree in Statistics with an elective emphasis in Engineering Management.

In 2008, Souheil moved to Charlotte, NC to start a position at PricewaterhouseCoopers as a Process Assurance Associate. He specialized in auditing and established process controls of financial reporting and internal procedures for major financial and industrial institutions.

In 2009, Souheil moved to Houston, TX to pursue a Sales Engineering Career in the oil and gas upstream sector with the consulting firm TH Hill Associates, Inc. In this position, Souheil worked as an Account Representative and as a Global Project Development Representative where he managed and developed new international markets, established local partnerships and led a double-digit growth in previously untapped markets. After the TH Hill Associates acquisition in 2012, Souheil worked with the Executive Team in the integration with acquiring sizeable multinational corporation.

In 2014, Souheil joined Ulysse Petroleum Engineering an oil and gas service provider of drilling services, oil and gas equipment sales and consulting services. As the Vice President of Operations, he led sales and marketing, and operational management. In 2016, Souheil established and created an Oil and Gas consulting engineering branch.

In October 2017, Souheil decided to enter a new exciting field. He started the groundwork to co-found a package management creative solution. He saw an immense need for a creative solution to the problems of e-Commerce package delivery. In 2018 The Package Center, Inc was established. Souheil has been developing innovative solutions to the e-Locker system providing a tailored solution to residential, commercial and retail space. Souheil is also working on developing new markets and business channels

In his spare time Souheil enjoys travel, ethnic foods, movies, basketball and soccer.