Sean Ellis


Sean EllisSean Ellis grew up in a military family and lived in different states and countries while growing up. After graduating from high school in Germany, he moved to Florida to attend college, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Florida.

After graduating, Sean worked as a Project Engineer doing custom production machine design in Boynton Beach, FL for a short time before moving to Houston, TX in 1998 to pursue an engineering career in the Oil and Gas upstream sector with the consulting firm T H Hill Associates, Inc.

While at T H Hill, Sean served in several roles in management and executive ranks in Engineering, Sales & Marketing, and corporate operational leadership, and in 2004 acquired an equity interest in the corporation. T H Hill was purchased in 2012 by a large multinational corporation and Sean exited his equity position and resigned his duties upon completion of the earnout period in April, 2014.

After being approached by Souheil Sassi, a former coworker at T H Hill, about what turned into The Package Center, Inc., Sean put his efforts into building the business and brand to offer creative solutions promoting efficiencies in, and access to, robust and accessible package delivery and retrieval systems. Sean is working on new innovations to bring additional features and services to the e-Locker residential, commercial, and retail spaces.

Sean is married since 1997, has two children, and makes his home in Cypress, Texas. In his free time, Sean enjoys motorsports and spending time with his family.