Chris Chen

Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

Chris ChenChris Chen grew up in a military family, where his father was a doctor in the army medical corps, and lived in Beijing, China.

After graduating from high school in Beijing, he moved to the Netherlands to attend college, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Electromechanical and Automation from the Saxion University of Applied Science.

Upon graduation, Chris moved to Gothenburg, Sweden to attend graduate school where he received a Master’s degree in Logistics and Transportation from the Chalmers University of Technology.

After graduating, Chris worked as a Maintenance Engineer on the replica of 18th-century ship Götheborg sailing from Sweden to China. In 2007 Chris moved back to Beijing to pursue an engineering career in the Oil and Gas upstream industry with one of the World largest Oil companies, Sinopec.

While at Sinopec, Chris served in several roles as a Field Engineer and as a Project Manager. In 2009 Chris joined Texas First Industrial in Houston, TX as a Manager in Technical Support where he managed the technical sales and support of Rig and equipment for major clients in Oil and Gas industry.

In 2013 Chris joined the U.S. Army MAVNI program where he served in the U.S. Army. Chris then joined Honghua America as a Country Sales Manager in 2014, where he lead the growth of the company and created new markets in untapped regions within the US and Latin America.

In 2017 Chris joined Shengli Highland Petroleum Equipment USA a Sinopec company as General Manager. In Shengli Highland, Chris oversees all operational, sales, business development and financial aspects of the company.

Chris was approached by Souheil Sassi, a business partner in the Oil & Gas industry, about the business concept and innovative package solution management that lead to The Package Center, Inc.

Chris is now working on developing strategic supplier relationships, proprietary manufacturing designs, and product quality control to bring the best package management solutions, products, and services to the residential, commercial, and retail markets.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys travel, ethnic foods, outdoor hiking, archery, and horseback riding.